Bring out your inner tiger.

There is a beginning and an end to every quest. It’s irrevocable. The challenge is at hand. The prey is clear. Large or small, male or female, young or old, it’s all about winning, defeating and ruling. It takes all your intelligence, strength, inherited and trained abilities to make the right decision at the right second after years of practice.

The right tools – along with strategy and patience – create your advantage. Who knows whether the prey may escape, but the sweetness of victory inspires and motivates you to the end. There are no compromises – winning is the only option. It’s critical to channel agility, intelligence and speed when it’s needed You can hide it in different shapes and environments with an exciting and invisible outside. But what’s inside, and the result is what counts.

The tiger hunts with cunning and beauty. Powerful, instinctive and elegant. These tools are inherited. Need we say more? With the Tiger Padel Racquet, you hold all this in your hand. Enjoy the moment. The right tool is here. But do you have the power?

The Story