From English cruise ships to Acapulco in one swing.

The origin of Padel tennis is unclear. Similar games appeared on English cruise ships in the 1920s, but Padel, as we know it today, originated in Acapulco, Mexico, in 1969. The sport’s inventor was Enrique Corcuera.

It was not until 1974 that Padel was played according to the principles and rules of today’s game. It spread throughout Central America, and it is there, as well as South America and Spain, that the sport is now the most popular. Recently, there has been explosive growth in many other countries, including Sweden. The World Championships were first held in 1992 and have since been played every second year.

Tiger Padel racquets are a relatively new entry, but we have been around for a long time. As founder of the brand, I was fascinated by the game’s character. The intelligence, the speed, the technique, the unexpected twists of the game. How quickly a difficult situation can turn into an advantage, and vice versa. Just how it is for the tiger.

Padel suited my personality. Constant challenges are my mantra. To be best when it comes down to it in life is my philosophy. To dare and to be brave, always pushing to the edge. Try new things, find new solutions. Acknowledge the adventure.

My license to hunt is the result of my ambition to confront challenges. My goal is not to kill – but to win. The only “birds” I shoot are clay pigeons. But just like in Padel, it’s always about chasing the perfect shot.

Our Concept