The tiger’s two attributes: aggressive and controlling.

In the beginning, Padel racquets were made of wood. However, due to their weight and stiffness, they caused damage to the joints, particularly the elbows (where they often caused epicondylitis), but also to the shoulders and wrists.

A man who made fiberglass car bodies was a fan of Padel. In 1989, after a lousy match with a hard-to-control wooden racquet, he came up with the idea of a fiberglass-coated racquet. The core of the racquet was made of rubber instead of wood. The rubber improved control and reduced the vibrations that travel through the player’s arm when the racquet hits the ball.

It turned out that rubber racquets not only reduced injuries but also weight, contributing to improved efficiency and control as each strike could be made with less effort. Thus, was born “sistema antivibratorio de nucleo elastico” or anti-vibration elastic core system.

Tiger Padel Racquets are handmade and made to handle anything. They are available in two different models in the Panthera series edition:

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Back to the roots.., där allt en gång startade, slutet på 60-talet, till staden Acapulco, Mexico

Acapulco Edition – History White

Racken har utvecklats mycket sedan dess. Vi hyllar ursprunget och historien med den antikvita färgen och det äkta cognacsfärgade lädergreppet.

Tiger Padels handgjorda dropformade rack är för spelaren som vill ha mer kontroll än ett diamantrack och samtidigt mer tryck än ett kontrollrack.

Karaktäristiskt för Tiger Padel är handgjorda och välbalanserade rack, så även detta unika special edition.

Mjuk yta för träffsäkerhet men något högre sweet spot än ett kontrollrack och där den rätta träffen också ger mer kraft i slaget än ett kontrollrack.

För spelaren som vill behålla en stor säkerhet i sitt spel men samtidigt önskar mer kraft och fart än ett kontrollrack. För spelaren som uppskattar att variera sitt spel mellan elegant kontroll och kraftfull energi.

  • Elegance and power

  • 3 K Carbon with carbon frame

  • 362 to 368 grams

  • EVA Hypersoft Foam

Price: 2 995:- SEK

Are you the player who prefers control, and the feeling that you are one with your racquet?

Finally a quality racquet with a stylish matte black design from Tiger Padel!

Tiger Padel – Panthera Gold Control is just like the name, a control racquet with a golden feel. A very easy-to-play racquet with maximum accuracy, but also with great power in the strike. The racquet has a soft surface, which makes it a slightly more forgiving choice, and helps you find the right feel and touch at every stroke.

Gold Control is a racquet that suits a wide range of players because it provides the security and stability that both beginners and advanced players are looking for. A very well-balanced racquet, which means you have great control. The soft surface, 3K Carbon, provides accuracy and the core of Hypersoft EVA gives you sensitivity, and a nice touch on the strike.

Gold Control is suitable for both male and female padel players who like long rallies and lots of energy.

  • Defend your territory

  • 3 K Carbon with carbon frame

  • 362 to 368 grams

  • EVA Hypersoft Foam

Price: 2 595:- SEK

Are you the aggressive player who likes to pressurise, and strive for awesome smashes?
Finally a quality racquet with a stylish matte black design from Tiger Padel!

Tiger Padel – Panthera Diamond Pro 100 has a handmade diamond-shaped head with great balance, to suit the player who prefers lots of energy, speed and spin, and is happy to challenge the game.
With its unique surface TeXtreme 24K, is much lighter than most top-heavy racquets on the market. With a lighter weight, the risk of wear and tear decreases. TeXtreme 24 means that the surface is harder and stronger.

This hard surface creates fantastic power and strength in your strokes, and the soft Black EVA core gives you great control. Despite its aggression, this handmade racquet is incredibly easy to use and creates a great sense of security in both attack and defence.

Thanks to the Black EVA Diamond Touch core, the racquet also suits the casual player.

  • Attack and conquer

  • 24 K Carbon with carbon frame

  • 362 to 368 grams

  • EVA Diamond Touch

Price: 2 795:- SEK