Golden Tiger Club.

There’s a jungle of padel racquets out there with many strong brands, countless colours, and a chaos of design. How should you choose, and why? There certainly are rational reasons but, above all, emotional ones. Let your instincts rule. Strive for independence, power, and elegance. Reach for the Tiger.

Grow and develop with us. With Tiger Padel, you not only get an exciting and efficient racquet, you also become part of the Golden Tiger Club. Simple, streamlined, and sophisticated. You not only become one with your racquet, you also become one of our tribe. A community of athletes, all with the same goal: to fight to win, defend, retain and expand your territory at any cost.

The Tiger Padel Racquet comes with benefits to enhance your tactics, your technique and your chances for survival and triumph on the court. Regular newsletters will let you know what’s going on in the jungle of the game, while providing updates on the ongoing evolution of The Tiger Club and how the Tiger Racquet is gaining ground.

As the club’s goals and ambitions develop, our vision is also to support this magnificent animal in the wild.

The Padel Racquet